The last workout of the week

Posted on June 28, 2020 at 19:26

So, I must admit I have been slacking off a bit with working out. It has been (and still is!) 30 degrees celsius where I am, and inside too even though we have many fans going on full power. Working out when I am already sweatier than ever hasn’t been my top priority. I have still eaten healthily, though. I can’t believe I haven’t eaten any sweets, snacks, pastries or drunk any soda in a weeks time now! That is something worth celebrating. I have been eating some sorbet, but it is only summer once a year, and at least it’s not full fat ice cream. Instead of all the things I used to eat that I now don’t, I eat lots of protein on the days I work out, and on the days I don’t I try and eat fruits as snack.

Today, however, my boyfriend treated me to Indian curry for dinner, so I felt the need to go on the crosstrainer despite the heat. It wasn’t that bad actually, I managed to train on it for as long as I wanted, and after the crosstrainer I did some strength training for mainly my arms and core.

I feel happy now that I’ve worked out again, the endorfines it gives me is worth it alone, the weight loss is just a plus. However, what made the exercise bareable was my headband. I have two of them (pictured), both from Nike, and I adore them. They’re kind of out of fashion I guess but I don’t care because they’re comfortable and they keep the sweat to a minimum in my forehead. Win-win!


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  1. Pandad says:

    Good workout in the heat!