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The Panda Style Fitness

Posted on June 26, 2020 at 8:21

I am not the kind of person that would go out running on the morning of Christmas, even if I had the time and the energy. I am the kind of person that would save that energy for when it was time to eat so that I could eat without getting tired from all the sugar. Although, it wouldn’t matter to me if it did make me tired, because I also like my naps.

No, I am not a panda. I might wish I was sometimes but the truth is I am a human like you. I just have the same mentality as a panda, I like eating and sleeping. Now I bet you’re thinking to yourself one of two things – “wow, that person must be really overweight” or “who doesn’t like eating and sleeping?”. Fact is, I was hoping you’d think those things, because it will make it easier to explain what this blog is about.

Yes, I am overweight. Not by a huge amount, as you might think reding my text above, but a little bit. I want to change that. I want to become fit. Why do I want to become fit? Well, mainly because I don’t want to have to worry about what I should and should not eat.

And yes, many people love eating and sleeping. And that is why I started this blog. This blog is for people who, like me, are lazy and prefer a day on the sofa rather than a day at the gym. In this blog, I will try to share my journey getting fit despite my laziness. I will share my best tips and tricks on how to overcome, or work around, the lazy and panda part of you, so that you aswell can become fit. I call it Panda Style Fitness. The guide to fitness doing what pandas like best, eating and sleeping, and enjoying themselves. It can be done. It shall be done. Are you with me?

Bamboo did not build this body, but other food did. Pandas are my spirit animal, and now it’s time to lose some weight – panda style.


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