Fruit bowl

A bowl of awesome

Posted on June 26, 2020 at 19:27

Tonight’s dessert wasn’t sorbet, it was something if possible even more fruity – a fruit salad! I made it myself and it consisted of about 7 strawberries, one banana and an orange. As I’ve said before, healthy doesn’t need to mean boring.

Some people are against fruit. They say it’s too much sugar, but I don’t care about that. I am a fruit lover. I don’t think sugar is the enemy. Of course, too much sugar – too much of anything really – is bad. But just because it’s possible to eat too much protein for example, does that mean we should stop eating protein? No.

A bit of most things is what I call a healthy diet. And that includes sugar. Whether you want to have your sugar in your morning jam on toast, in your yogurt, in your ice cream or in your fruit is up to you. To lose weight you need to limit your daily intake, but that doesn’t equal cutting out sugar completely.

I like a bit of sweetness some evenings. Fruit is an excellent source of that, so I’ll continue to have it despite people saying it’s bad.


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  1. Pandad says:

    That i so true!

    You can (almost) not eat too much fruit. I think that for the body to process fruit, it consumes a lot of calories, wich makes it low calorie intake all together. The benefit of the nutritions it gives, is way more than it costs.

    So, keep calm and it fruits 🙂